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We are proud to introduce the Amazing and Beautiful lifelike non robotic Ragdoll Cat that we guarantee you will love.


With luxuriously soft fake fur, great for cuddles, the Ragdoll lifelike cat is handmade and designed to bring companionship and fun for everyone, but is especially perfect for people living with Dementia;  people living on their own, or anyone who is unable to have a pet of their own.  A great alternative to having a real cat, if that's not possible.


Lifelike and realistic, the Ragdoll non robotic pets are all individually handmade, with an authentic appearance of a Ragdoll cat, with simulated plush synthetic fur which is purrfect for lots of strokes and love.  With beautiful blue eyes this is one cat that we know you will cherish for many years to come. 


The Ragdoll cat comes supplied in a beautiful box, with a grooming brush to keep your companion pet looking its best.

Ragdoll Cat - Non Robotic Plush

£74,99 Prezzo regolare
£69,99Prezzo scontato

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