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**Please note that Metadog Husky is handmade and may take 2 weeks to arrive.


We are proud to introduce the Amazing Metadog - Husky, your very own innovative AI pet.


With lifelike movements, playful head tilts, tail wags, and realistic sounds, this advanced Robopets is in a class of its own.  You can also re-name the pet so it responds to you when you say its name.  The faux fur is beautifully soft - just perfect for a cuddle.  The pup's blue eyes are animated and beautifully expressive


With playful head tilts, tail wags and nods, and realistic sounds, this is a Robopet in a class of its own.


Metadog Husky comes with a USB lead for ease of use charging - no more expensive batteries to buy!



Metadog - Husky (Voice Command)

£178,99 Prezzo regolare
£154,99Prezzo scontato

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